Properly selected cabinet will make the interior of the living room a stylish and beautifulProperly selected cabinet will make the interior of the living room stylish and krasivymPravilno made and mounted cupboard, can become not only a good helper, a safe place to store things, it can not reduce, and decorate the space in the room. Such furniture should be selected under the general style of the room, then it turns out to achieve harmony and mood of the room.

The design of the cabinets in the room

The most popular option for the living room is a closet, and the variety of designs allows use in any construction of apartments.

Its advantages are indisputable evidence, confirming the versatility and convenience of such furniture in the room:

  • Easy assembly;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Versatile and able to emphasize the style in the interior;
  • A diverse selection of the desired size, fits precisely into the room.

To look harmonious living room, cabinet design must be selected with a view of the interior of the roomTo look harmonious living room, cabinet design must be selected with a view of the interior of the room

Sliding doors can be designed in any style. The most popular are mirror made with elements of gilding, the presence of vegetable and urban motifs. If the owners of a large number of items that need to be hidden from prying eyes, it is best to choose a wardrobe to order, then it is possible to foresee the required number of shelves, drawers, hanging rails, not only clothes, but also of small household appliances.

In addition to wardrobes, there are several kinds of furniture, which has no less popular:

  1. opening cupboards - have a common open system, which implies reversing the door outside. Such furniture is durable, has a high price category and a variety of different designs and more resemble the classic interior.
  2. Sliding wall for the hall the whole length of the room - are sufficient overall design, if you buy a holistic option, but you can do and modular elements. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, if necessary transportation.
  3. Built as a showcase known for a long time, parents and grandparents have similar furnishings and stored there expensive dishes made of porcelain or crystal.
  4. corner cabinets can significantly save space in a small room and use the benefit of hard to reach places. This kind of furniture has a contemporary design, and can be used for zoning and separation of the room.
  5. Built-in library - storage of books and various items of decor can not do without of a good cabinet. Bookcases are often adapted for this purpose only and equipped with sturdy shelves with a small height from each other. This furniture is able to add warmth and comfort, as well as fill the atmosphere with childhood memories.
  6. modular cabinets may consist of a different number of elements, they can buy more if necessary, and install the necessary room space. This type of furniture is the most practical option, but it is suitable only for classic or modern interior, because the design of such units is not too varied. It is provided to make it easier to select the components, if necessary, replacement or purchase.

Convenient bookcase in the living room

Bookcase in the living room will become a reliable storage for favorite books and masterpieces.

Creatively decorate the guest room is capable of a bookcase with many interesting booksCreatively decorate the guest room is capable of a bookcase with many interesting books

But that he had served for a long time, it is necessary to choose the right:

  • The modular system allows to create their own design elements in its sole discretion, as each has its own unit;
  • Better to give preference to natural materials, they are not treated with toxic substances and will not cause harm to any child;
  • When choosing the finished product, or upon receipt of a custom model, you need to check whether all the good work the door, opening or closing mechanisms, uniform coating of varnish or paint;
  • Collect similar furniture better professionals because of the book in large numbers are rather heavy and can break down the shelves, if they are not well fastened;
  • When buying, it is best to check at the store a certificate of product quality, to find out if there is a guarantee on the furniture and independently verify the correct size.

Large closet on the wall, you can decorate the interior not only living but also the office or bedroom. Types like furniture are quite diverse, and allow you to choose the most suitable design.

Wardrobe in the hall in the wall: photo

Wardrobes, installed in the hall on the wall, are in addition to the advantages and disadvantages.


  • opening and closing system can quickly wear out, and if it does not establish a professional staff and are not aligned with the surface, then it loosened;
  • Lighting in the cabinet have to install, in this case useful bulb or LED, or recessed, disadvantage is the additional cost;
  • Sliding system it is necessary to clean, otherwise, not be able to fully open the door and get the right thing.

Enough is practical closet on the wall with sliding systemEnough is practical closet on the wall with sliding system

Cabinets can be both angular and straight, the choice depends on the size of the living room and practicality required. If you buy a finished product, it will cost the owner of a lot cheaper, and you can feel and appreciate not only visually and furniture itself. Of the minuses - not always the same options that are suitable for the desired room.

Cabinet to order more expensive, but it is possible to foresee the availability of the shelves, to express all the wishes and provide size. Also, when ordering individually expressed wishes on the design, selection of materials and the guarantee on the goods received.

Almost all firms operating on each client individually, have decor catalog, colors and photos ready-made products. To protect themselves from fraud, it is better not to pay the required amount in advance, otherwise it is necessary to assure the payment by check or take a few witnesses. You should also check all the documents proving the authenticity of the manufacturer.

Interesting cabinet room in the interior: design options

The popularity of such furniture manufacturers allows businesses offer a variety of design options.

Make the cabinet design is more original and unique, you can use the beautiful patterns that are applied to the sliding doorMake the cabinet design is more original and unique, you can use the beautiful patterns that are applied to the sliding door


  • Installing bamboo lining;
  • Complement its stained-glass elements;
  • It is also used laser engraving that can give exclusivity of this kind of furniture;
  • The frescoes and the skin can maintain a certain style of the interior;
  • Use in combination frosted or clear glass.

Cabinets are often offered to such popular destinations in style - classic modernism, minimalism, hi-tech or fusion, in which mixed all the previous directions. Especially popular in recent years enjoyed the photo design - is glued special film for his performance on the cabinet door, with a bright and colorful picture.

How to choose a wardrobe in the hall (video)

The reality of such ideas is striking. Looking at these masterpieces, a person can relax and be transported to another world, a break from reality - forest landscapes, flower meadows, sea waves create a unique atmosphere in the house and accentuate the overall style of the room.

Examples of cabinets for the hall in the apartment (photo)

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