With stucco can not only create a unique interior of the house, but also to hide the flaws of the ceilingWith stucco can not only create a unique interior of the house, but also to hide the flaws of the ceiling potolkaOformlenie - it is solely a creative task for which solutions are used a variety of means. Stucco chosen by those who appreciate classic style, convenience and exquisite beauty. Read on and learn how to make moldings on your ceiling!

Stucco on the ceiling of the apartment

Traditionally stucco finish reminiscent of the halls in the big rich houses of the distant past. Today, however, this type of decoration is widely used even in the most ordinary flats. The reason is that there were articles that perfectly mimic the clay or plaster figures.

Currently, the stucco is made of the following materials:

  • gypsum;
  • polyurethane;
  • Styrofoam;

The first option requires some artistic skills to create their own smooth and beautiful pattern. Although not a difficult pattern to create forces for everyone. Yet, if you wish to see in their perfectly smooth stucco recurring items, it is recommended to use blocks of foam or polyurethane foam.

Ceiling moldings give your interior luxury and refinementCeiling moldings give your interior luxury and refinement

In order to approximate the appearance of the finished stucco blocks, use the paint. White paint will create a feeling of a brand new stucco and beige shades create an atmosphere of the old hall.

Ways to design the ceiling moldings

There are several traditional methods of how to decorate the ceiling using stucco. Of course, drawing everyone can choose to your taste, but some practices in relation to the location of the elements of the stucco decoration should be the place to be in every interior with the use of this type of ceiling decorations.

The most popular types of decorative elements of stucco are:

  1. Outlet. Make a place under the chandelier - it's a great idea that will refresh the decor and give the entire room an atmosphere of elegance and beauty.
  2. Eaves. Cornice of stucco is an excellent alternative to conventional ceiling moldings. The cornice is decorated not only the ceiling but also the wall, making the transition more smooth and soft. 
  3. Moldings. This type of decoration is used to create a geometric pattern on the ceiling. In other parts of the room it is perfect for wall-space zoning: to frame the individual decorative elements, such as mirrors or paintings.

Decor stucco cornice transform the room as a wholeDecor stucco cornice transform the room as a whole

Moldings and moldings have important functional significance. By polyurethane foam stripes stucco easily hide wiring.

Stucco ceilings: decorations with the help of painting

ceiling decor using fine moldings. Doubly beautiful moldings, if it is tastefully painted. Under suitable painting any molding: and natural, made from plaster and synthetic polyurethane foam. Differences can be found only in the paint, which is suitable for painting.

The most popular way to color stucco is gilding. The outstanding part of the bas-relief are covered with gold paint, or individual elements completely covered with gold.

With the help of a painted stucco can easily mask the deficiencies in the ceiling without the need for repairWith the help of a painted stucco can easily mask the deficiencies in the ceiling without the need for repair

What are the options of painting is the most advantageous for the moldings:

  • gold;
  • color painted elements;
  • zastraivanie beige shades;
  • Murals, stucco vignette.

Lightweight and comfortable with ceiling moldings of polyurethane

At the moment, many people prefer to decorate their homes with stucco of polyurethane. Though the appearance of such products still produces its artificiality due to the extreme similarity of repetitive elements, but still reasons to choose this kind of scenery a lot.

What, then, are the advantages of moldings of polyurethane:

  • Polyurethane - a very light material. Stucco molding made of polyurethane, is kept even with liquid nails.
  • Polyurethane is not afraid of no moisture or odors. 
  • Care for such ceiling is simple: dust and dirt do not accumulate on the polyurethane.
  • Polyurethane fairly shockproof. Light exposure is transferred without any damage.
  • You can paint your ceiling is made of polyurethane moldings, or to make his painting.
  • Polyurethane has a low cost.

Moldings of polyurethane can be installed in any roomMoldings of polyurethane can be installed in any room

Stucco molding made of polyurethane outwardly not much different from the plaster elements and functional and great value wins over natural competitor!

Design ceiling moldings made of natural gypsum

If you decide to decorate the ceiling plaster moldings, then get ready for the challenges that meet you on the way to a result. However, if all goes well, if you are attentive and careful, the result will please you more than a dozen years! Natural stucco - a luxury and joy of manual labor.

To prepare the solution, follow these recommendations:

  1. Dilute powder is pulverized into gypsum with water to a consistency of yogurt.
  2. Pour the plaster into the prepared mold.
  3. Tamp plaster to avoid voids.
  4. Leave on for half an hour to complete solidification.

Stir vigorously with a special nozzle for a drill. 

For mixing gypsum slurry using only cold waterFor mixing gypsum slurry using only cold water

In order to increase the elasticity of elements, add a little white glue solution. Such moldings are not cracked.

Installation of large components made screws. Small parts can be attached on the PVA glue, putty or even a liquid nails. Also, many are interested in the question of what to do, if the item is broken or crumbled. Restoration of the stucco decoration is made by hand with the help of a solution, the recipe given above. Restoration of decor, as well as his original creation, should be completed painting to match the ceiling or painted on the sketch of what was intended.

Stucco ceiling (video)

Stucco on the ceiling - this exquisite classic, available to everyone. Stucco decoration in the form of tender and create a light atmosphere. On the stucco on the ceiling of your room will resemble the palace hall. Making repairs apartment or home, be sure to consider the option to set decorations in the form of moldings. Stucco ceiling - the perfect way to do something more original than the common types of finishing the ceiling coverings.

Stucco ceiling in the interior (photo)

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