To arrange a bedroom and living room in one room is quite simpleTo arrange a bedroom and living room in one room rather prostoSdelat home beautiful and comfortable you can, in any case, regardless of its size, even if they are living and sleeping in the same room. There are many ways this situation room, zoning space using transforming furniture, different levels and decorative elements. Any of the methods of registration will depend on the size of the room, window layout, features and shape of the room owners preferences.

Living room with a bedroom with a transforming furniture

The easiest way to combine the living room and the bedroom - is to use the transforming furniture. Such furniture can be masked in the room, but can simply perform several functions in different states. Using such furniture can reduce the number of items to a minimum and a maximum free space, which is especially important in a studio apartment.

The most common variants can be called different pieces of furniture, transforming into a bed:

  • Sofa bed;
  • Chair-bed;
  • Dining table bed;
  • Wardrobe bed.

Of course about the existence of the sofa and chairs, transforming into a bed, everyone knows, is the standard interior. But here's the table with special mechanism of transformation and bed down in the closet, for the majority of the inhabitants seem to be something fantastic. However, miracles of cinema masterpieces have become part of modern life.

When combined living room and bedrooms are very convenient to use transformable furnitureWhen combined living room and bedrooms are very convenient to use transformable furniture

However, choosing the transforming furniture, you need to clearly understand not only its obvious advantages, but also disadvantages logical. Often, the main advantage of such furniture - compact size, achieved through a serious minus - convenience. Such furniture is often not designed for daily use, so as not to cause harm.

All doctors recommend choosing an ordinary bed with orthopedic mattress. However, if the site does not allow, you can select and transform the bed.

Next minus of such furniture - is the need to constantly assemble and disassemble it, which takes time and effort. Usually busy people can not do it every morning and evening, so most of the bed is removed only to the guests arrival. So a reasonable question arises: whether to choose transforming furniture without an orthopedic mattress in damage to health for easy reception a couple of times a month?

Multilevel interior of a bedroom and living room in one room

At arrangement of the multi-function room as a bedroom-living room, you can use not only the whole area of ​​the room, but the whole of its height. Location bed at various levels will help to save space. In addition, this technique will help create the room a unique design.

Here are a few options for the location of the bed at different levels:

  1. Standard loft bed, which is fastened to the ceiling and maximizes the use of available space under it, e.g., to equip cabinet there;
  2. Bed on a hill, which is standard arranged shelves and drawers for clothes and linen;
  3. Bed, retractable from a podium, which can accommodate an office or library;
  4. Suspended bed which usually hangs from the ceiling on the chains, and before going to bed is lowered down and placed on the foot for stability.

Bedroom and living room can be issued at various levels, that will add functional areasBedroom and living room can be issued at various levels, that will add functional areas

All of these methods will allow the best use of the height of the space, but not suitable for all apartments. After all, they are the main condition for installation - high ceiling.

Bedroom and living room in one room: design and zoning

you can achieve the most efficient use of space bedrooms and living room in one room, through zoning. If the area of ​​the room allows, you can do it using physical separation, and if not, then the conditional limit visual approach.

The most common ways to zoning, shared bedroom and the living room are:

  • Wall;
  • Partly plasterboard partition;
  • Movable roller partition;
  • Curtains of fabric braid or beads;
  • Jalousie;
  • Frosted glass or transparent plastic wall;
  • Other floor, ceiling or wall covering;
  • Lighting;
  • Placement of furniture;
  • Shelving unit without a rear wall;
  • Live or artificial plants;
  • Sharma;
  • Split-level floor.

Bedroom and living room in one room can be visually divided into zonesBedroom and living room in one room can be visually divided into zones 

Any of these methods will allow physically or visually shield the sleeping area from the meeting place with friends and feel comfortable in each of them. But do not forget that such a combination as a living room + bedroom, depending on the location and size of the room requires a different zoning methods.

Typically seating area make the entrance, while the bedroom is located in the farthest corner from the entrance, especially in the long and narrow room.

Key moments in the setting bedroom-living room

Living room with a bedroom should be furnished with a view of some of the key moments of the process. The resulting situation must be suitable for a comfortable life, and every day to please the eye, in this case in such a renovated room last a long time.

Thinking design bedrooms, living room, keep in mind that it should be comfortable for each family memberThinking design bedrooms, living room, keep in mind that it should be comfortable for each family member

Here are some of the key qualities of a good living-bedrooms:

  • Quality lighting all over the room;
  • Ease of use and movement through the room;
  • Maintaining the health of family members;
  • Attractive appearance of the situation.

If the room has all these qualities, then live in it is comfortable, convenient, warm, light and safe. Of course, some of the design options for this type of premises are very attractive, but you should never forget about the safety and health of family members. The interior space has to please all members of the household.

Compact living and sleeping in the same room (video)

Combine the bedroom and the living room is possible, no matter what the size may be obtaining accommodation. However, the process conditions should be selected according to the shape and size of the room. In the course, you can put a variety of ways to zoning, transforming furniture, or use different levels for efficient use of space.

Design living room and bedroom in one room (interior photo)

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