Stylish chandelier in a modern interior is very important: it can help to emphasize the originality of the roomStylish chandelier in a modern interior is very important: it can help to emphasize the originality pomescheniyaLyustry for living in a modern style - a maximum of democracy, which can only offer the relevant industry. It seems that choosing such a product will not be difficult, but it does not mean that you need to approach the issue in a slipshod manner. You have to weigh every step! Then the probability of getting a truly stylish product in a modern style increases several times.

Modern chandeliers in the living room: it is overdue

Over time, the materials from which made chandeliers, have not changed, but their range is significantly extended. Because of this, become the owner of a stylish accessory can be anyone, regardless of income. And it can not but rejoice, because, relatively recently, it is for the chandelier could determine how well the family lives. We can only guess that they felt those who had not been able to buy expensive crystal chandeliers.

The most popular materials for the manufacture of chandeliers are:

  • Crystal;
  • Glass;
  • Plastic;
  • Ceramics.

Modern chandeliers are made of crystal, glass, plastic or ceramicsModern chandeliers are made of crystal, glass, plastic or ceramics

Each of the above materials in its own good and can be used for any situation. It is not only in price but also in the compatibility of the materials, textures, etc. between themselves.

For example, even the most fashionable interior will look beaten if his chandelier corny will not approach the other elements of the interior.

In order to make it look expensive, not necessary to use expensive components. The only question in the sense of taste. And if your own guess with registration is not possible, it is better to use the services of specialists. They can easily find the desired border and make the best composition.

Actual and modern chandeliers for the living room: size matters

Since Soviet times, it has become a tradition that, for the living room chandelier should have impressive size and strongly confirm the prosperous family living there. Today, trends have changed somewhat, and the choice of chandeliers became the most democratic. You can purchase anything you want and not be afraid that the interior solution will be misjudged by others. In the fashion of any, even the wildest ideas. The main thing is that all looked harmoniously as possible.

Therefore, the hall became possible to establish the following types of lamps:

  • point;
  • stacked;
  • Single-stage.

Modern chandelier for the room can be point, single storey and multi-tierModern chandelier for the room can be point, single storey and multi-tier

The first option is typically selected for ultra Improvement with suspended ceilings. And, despite the unprepossessing exterior, these lamps are able to give maximum light! Thus, only two - three units successfully replace a full chandelier.

Bay luminaire in the modern interior is rarely, however, still have the right to exist. In particular, if the objective of becoming the union of several kinds of fashion trends.

Single storey chandelier - it is a classic that goes out of fashion almost never (as well as all sorts of shades). Can change the shape and colors, but the general concept remains unbroken. That is why, if there is a desire to get closer to the classics, you should pay attention on a chandelier.

The chandelier in the living room in a modern style: photo-reports

The lighting in the interior is very important, therefore, to neglect its implementation is not necessary. On how correctly installed light depends even visual appeal of the room!

When planning the mains wiring for chandeliers, consider the following requirements:

  • Light should uniformly illuminate the room;
  • Chandelier probation should be placed in the center of the room;
  • Power lighting should definitely be regulated;
  • The light should not beat the audience directly in the face.

Before you decide on the choice of chandeliers, plan the layout of electrical networksBefore you decide on the choice of chandeliers, plan the layout of electrical networks

In that case, if the issue is controlled by a specialist, you can not worry that everything will be done in the best possible way. However, homeowners often take the initiative in their hands, which inevitably leads to some mistakes. Especially if the reins of power takes people before who did not have anything to do with electricity.

You can take the time to better understand the issue, but is it worth it? Much easier to enter into cooperation with a professional daily perform similar range of services. Miser pays twice! And it's bound to happen, if carelessly contact with electricity! At a minimum, the "wrong" have to redo network.

How to Put Lights: ceiling or wall

Times when the lighting was set solely on the ceiling are long gone. Now, before the owner presents another question: ceiling or wall? Installing the light is allowed and there and there, but what is better? On the one hand, the ceiling light - a classic, which has long been time-tested.

To date, place lights can be not only on the ceiling but also on the wallsTo date, place lights can be not only on the ceiling but also on the walls

Full of wall lighting is newfangled and as yet untested trend. She has a right to exist! However, whether or not access it solves only a specialist. He can and should be consulted! Especially in such controversial matters.

Chandelier in contemporary style - a collective term that includes:

  • device location;
  • His color scheme;
  • The material from which the production was performed.

Types of chandeliers for the living room in a modern style (video)

Do not be afraid of bold experiments. They do not bring to the house that's okay! If in doubt, you can seek the help of professionals. And, no doubt, they will form your customer a true motion vector!

Examples of modern living chandeliers (photo interiors)

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