Embroidery has always overcame expensive and beautiful, so it is suitable for any interior designEmbroidery has always overcame expensive and beautiful, so it is suitable for any design intereraLyudi prefer to decorate a variety of embroidery textile products as well as add to the interior of the picture, embroidered with a cross. This direction is performed in different styles on the fabric portrayed flowers, fun patterns and monograms. Embroidered pictures can be black and white or color. One of the favorite themes is the image of animals.

Cross Stitch: animal species

Most often, animal motifs are found in the paintings that decorate the home or office.

Such embroidery can be divided into several types:

  1. Pictures of large size, on which the image has a lot of colors and shades. Embroidering this format requires a high attention and a good level of skill.
  2. View stitch is suitable for beginners. They are small and fewer colors. Most often, small pictures of cartoon or fairy embroidered animals in children's rooms. Children are very fond of this kind of art, it develops their imagination.
  3. This scheme embroidery, which is made using a graphical editor. Thanks to this technology, you can transfer the image on the cloth beloved pet.

  Embroidered animal painting fascinates with its beauty and nobilityEmbroidered animal painting fascinates with its beauty and nobility

The most popular images of embroidery motifs of animals considered to be wolves. After going wild cats or pets. Great demand horse. Be it zebra sheep or horse does not matter. Also very popular with many unrealistic images of animals. It is believed that if a young girl with his hands embroider unicorn, you will soon be married.

embroidery cross schemes: animals, how to make yourself

Today, handicraft shops simply swamped with ready schemes. But sometimes you want something exclusive and special.

For this case, there are some simple ways that can help turn any rosy picture in the scheme for embroidery:

  1. First we need to choose a favorite picture. After putting on his sheet of paper and draw a neat grid. On the notebook sheet will do it much more convenient. Each cell will respond to one cross. Then you need to walk on the cell colored pencil and paint them in the desired colors.
  2. The second way is much easier than the first. For it will need a computer with a graphics editor program. The most commonly used Paint. You need to download the program drawings and resize the image before the pixels. Each square will be responsible for a cross. The more pixels, the greater will be the image.

Due to the compilation of circuits can be embroidered with the image of any photoDue to the compilation of circuits can be embroidered with the image of any photo

In general, such methods are used by professional embroiderers who already stuffed hand. 

Set for embroidery cross: animals

For those who decided to link their leisure with embroidery handicrafts are sold in stores presets.

This set is suitable for beginners embroiderers, because it includes a ready scheme, the thread of colors numbers, needle and hoop.

Also available for purchase separately diagrams of various animal images in a variety of styles. 

Ready to embroider schemes can be a variety of techniques such as:

  • half-cross;
  • French knot;
  • Bekstich.

  Ready embroidered can be decorated with beads that will give them some flavorReady embroidered can be decorated with beads that will give them some flavor

For the selection of thread colors you can use color card. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of the thread. It should be smooth and firm.

Where you can find original and interesting schemes

The world is full of variety and embroidery of different schemes. Find scheme for embroidery can be, for example, in Riolis. You can buy ready-made kits in stores. Stores offer kits with the image of beautiful lions in the vast savannah. Multi-colored paintings with fabulous animals, cartoon character. Also, a large circuit scale which depict marine life. Enormous popularity of the scheme in monochrome style.

Stunning black and white image will adorn a modern interior. Also should not forget about the traditional embroidery amulets. The shops offer a wide range of schemes, which depicts the house guardian of the hearth.

Embroidery cross animals (video)

Crocheting - a wonderful activity that can occupy their leisure time. It also presents a great opportunity to make their own hands for the family. More embroidery can be decorated with bedspreads and towels, which will give the room a special charm and zest. Very much will look embroidered with a picture of the animal, beaded or embroidered with two different techniques. Decorating can be embroidered children's products, children curiously view such images.

embroidery cross schemes animals (photo)

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