Connect decorative stone wallpaper beautifully decorate your hallwayConnect decorative stone wallpaper beautifully decorate your prihozhuyuDekorativny quality stone - it is one of the most popular and perfect materials used for decoration of modern home interiors. It is elegantly fits in absolutely any stylistic decision hallway, and in addition to superior aesthetic qualities is easy to care for. Stone inserts on the outer corners of the hall allows you to give the room an elegant look. production of specialized decorative stone technology makes it possible to create a variety of textures, shapes and coloring of the elements.

Stylish and unique wallpaper under a rock: anteroom

Decorating Modern hall with decorative stone will give the room a stylish and original look.

Decorative stone is different:

  • Excellent aesthetic qualities;
  • Easy to care for;
  • Resistance to mechanical and chemical damage.

Add your hallway original design will help wallpaper with a stone finishAdd your hallway original design will help wallpaper with a stone finish

Such an article is easy to process, so thanks to its light weight and excellent resistance to various kinds of mechanical damage, ensures the reliability and durability of finishes. However, the most important thing in such a material is its versatility. It can be combined with any other kind of decoration, especially mural wallpaper, ceramic tiles or plaster moldings.

Wallpapers are versatile surfacing materials, allowing to create a certain type of interior. The most interesting options are considered wallpaper, made by stone.

When choosing wallpaper for a hall under a rock, you need to stop on lighter options, because this type of premises do not have natural light. Moreover, this solution will visually enlarge the size of the room, especially when combined with additional interior. Wallpaper in the hallway under a rock used as specific fragments that form a coherent picture.

No need to make an entire wall of stone, enough to decorate an element separate part of the hallwayNo need to make an entire wall of stone, enough to decorate an element separate part of the hallway

In addition, the need to try to create some simple shapes that would be imitated:

  • columns;
  • racks;
  • Framework.

If you want to install a similar coating completely, across the hall, then in that case it is better to use the wallpapers under the stone. They will look great even in a small size of the room, creating quite original appearance. Very beautiful imitation of a red or white brick. Also interesting looks natural stone light-colored, as well as wallpaper with decorative gravel. Very interesting with these wallpaper will look wooden floors, heavy massive furniture combined with modern appliances.

Exquisite wallpaper under a brick in the hall

Using the wallpaper imitating masonry bricks, characteristic of most modern interiors. This technique helps to emphasize the gloss and sophistication created by the space inside the room, which greatly simplifies the process of decorating. The refined design of these materials allows their use in any room perfectly.

Wallpapers under brick create unusual interior hallwayWallpapers under brick create unusual interior hallway

wallpaper decoration brick - this is a unique opportunity to emphasize the separate premises area, indicate the expressive effects that transform the interior, based on the most fashionable trends.

One of the main advantages of such a finish is likely the best selection of shapes and colors for the interior of any style perfectly. Any direction would be harmonious design space look even if pasting the entire area of ​​the walls with wallpaper, made by bricks.

It is quite interesting to look embossed wallpaper, made under the brickwork. They are exactly transmit all relief and bending of natural materials through the use of crumb. The best option is vinyl wallpaper, different special durability. They are characterized by resistance to light, moisture and chemical agents, which greatly facilitates the care of such surfaces.

How to choose a suitable building blocks for the hall wallpaper

Equipping the hall, many are thinking about what is best to select the wallpaper to create a superb interesting interior. Special attention should be decorative brick and variations of such material. It is very popular wallpaper made under a brick, because it is the most versatile option with excellent appearance and fits perfectly into the interior of any room.

Due to the special properties of wallpaper under a brick, you can create a lasting and durable coating that will perfectly decorate any room, regardless of its type.

Finishes decorative stone wall should be selected, taking into account the overall design of the corridorFinishes decorative stone wall should be selected, taking into account the overall design of the corridor

Now the large quantity of such a finishing material, so everyone will be able to choose a suitable texture and express preferences homeowner, emphasizing the feature of the interior design and individuality.

Wallpapers of this type can be combined with any finishing materials. Such wallpaper can paste over the bottom part of the walls, put them as beautiful vertical stripes or paste over their niches and ledges. Besides it looks interesting accent wall with wallpaper brick. This material helps to bring several interesting design solutions. Also interesting to look at the wallpaper brick, combined with wood or metallostenovymi panels.

Stylish stone wallpaper in the hallway: wall decoration

necessarily need to be able to choose finishing materials correctly for arranging the hall. Very nice and original looks imitation stone surface. With these wallpaper even a small hallway will look very stylish and will be more comfortable.

For a small space it is very important to choose the color so that they are not visually reduces the space and underlines the elegance of every room. Wallpapers for a small room is best to choose shades of light, because in this way you can expand the space visually.

Imitation stone surface with wallpaper decorate the hall, make it a stylish and originalImitation stone surface with wallpaper decorate the hall, make it a stylish and original

Bright colors may be slightly conceal the size of the room, so it is best to use fragments or combine with the more calm and light shades. Dark colors make the room a little, but they are less noticeable different kinds of pollution. To make the room more spacious, it is necessary to use a lot of additional lighting.

Dark colors combine well with light shades that will achieve an excellent effect. Also similar technique helps to hide all the irregularities of the walls.

Finishing with stone hall (video)

Stone wallpapers are a good alternative to natural stone, because they consist of a plaster base and provide ease of installation and ease of use.

Stone and wall in the hallway (photo)