Best glue walpaperIt is necessary to correctly choose the glue for non-woven wallpaper that was renovated at the highest urovneDekorativnaya wall decoration wallpaper from the fleece is very popular. Fleece - a reliable material that will provide high-quality walls and a beautiful coat. To repair was made at the highest level, it is important to choose the right glue for non-woven wallpaper. The composition of the adhesive and its performance depends on the reliability of the clutch canvases to the wall surface. Among consumers have the brand of glue that are most popular.

What is the best glue for non-woven wallpaper: the rating of brands

Before mounting your need to carefully read the labels glue for non-woven fabrics, presented at the construction markets. Many consumers are trying to save money, very often choose the glue with a low price. Do it categorically impossible.

Choosing a cheap glue, it is likely to lead to the fact that bad paper wallpaper glued to the wall, if not disappear. Glue for wallpaper in the first place should be of high quality.

In order not to get lost among the choices before purchase is available with consumer reviews, view information about brands, visit the company's website at the adhesive manufacturing.

Best glue walpaperIn specialty stores there is a fairly large selection of adhesive for gluing non-woven wallpaper


Glue is in great demand. It is easily applied to the walls, quickly binds the surface and wallpaper coating strip. The glue does not stain and after drying it becomes transparent. Before applying the adhesive surface should be cleaned from old finishes, primed.


The adhesive composition includes polymer components that provide fast and efficient grip surfaces. Clay fits well on different types of surfaces: concrete, lime, gypsum and cork wall. Surface before applying the adhesive must be clean, smooth and without defects. This will help prevent bloating wallpaper and appearance of bubbles.


The adhesive composition includes components that prevent the development of fungi and mold. Clay does not have high adgeziynymi properties therefore requires very careful preparation of the walls. The surface must be perfectly smooth and dry.


Professional glue for gluing of heavy wallpapers from fleece. It consists of starch and antifungal components. Clay calls for a standard surface preparation.


There are many types of adhesives that are designed for various kinds of coatings. It is composed of the most powerful components, so its fastening indicators exceed all expectations.

When choosing a brand and type of adhesive it is important to first consider the quality and type of wallpaper covering the walls of the state, the ratio of price and quality.

How to breed glue for non-woven wallpaper

Dilute the glue with your hands wallpaper easily. Before the procedure you need to carefully read the instructions on the package with glue and strictly follow it.

It is best to dilute the glue in an enamel container or a plastic bucket. A large wooden spoon or a stick is needed for mixing solution.

The process of preparing the adhesive for many manufacturers is not much different. This is a standard procedure that does not require much effort and training.

Best glue walpaperIn order to dissolve the glue, it is necessary to read the instructions on the packaging and stick it in exactly the sequence

Phased cooking:

  • Pour in the required capacity of the amount of dry composition.
  • Add to the composition of the right amount of warm water.
  • Mix thoroughly until the mixture thickens.

The amount of water added can vary the desired thickness of the adhesive mass. Information on the consumption of the substance can be found on the packaging.

Clay heavy non-woven wallpaper: the features and benefits

Heavy widows wallpaper designed a special type of glue, which have strong bonding effect. Among the most well-known adhesive for heavy wallpaper can be identified and Kleo Quelyd.

Heavy coatings require more attention. Choose the glue for them need special care. The adhesive should be easy to go to the surface and provide a secure grip materials.

Best glue walpaperFor heavy non-woven wallpaper should buy special glue, which has a bonding effect

Adhesives for wallpaper of heavy nonwoven possess special characteristics.

Advantages of adhesive for heavy fleece:

  • Fast application to the surface;
  • Uniform distribution;
  • Provide easy interface;
  • health security;
  • The lack of reaction with other components after drying;
  • Providing reliable protection from microorganisms.

Among the users of the popular brands of adhesive for heavy wallpaper marks the moment and Swedtex. A solution of the dry composition prepared quickly. After that, he must get to the condition within days. When the glue solidifies the room temperature should reach 5- 25 degrees.

Consumption of glue for non-woven wallpaper on 1m2

Glue consumption depends on the type of material and density of their structure. Also, a lot depends on the type of surface, the type of finishing it.

For wood and chipboard consumption of glue mixture will be minimal. This is due to the fact that the adhesive penetrates quickly into the depth of the material. For concrete surfaces and poshtukaturennyh adhesive will take longer.

Typically, the approximate consumption of adhesive for wallpaper of nonwoven indicate on the package. Of great importance here played by the components that are part of the glue.

Best glue walpaperWhen selecting an adhesive for wallpaper, consider not only the type of material, but also the type of surface

Instructions on the calculation of the amount of glue:

  • Measure the length of the wall and the ceiling height. Calculate the area of ​​the wall.
  • Measure the area of ​​the site, which will not be plastered. This balcony, door and window openings. Subtract them from the total area.
  •  Multiply the above data on the area of ​​the wallpaper to the room.

In the calculation of the adhesive it is important to make a small margin on the case will need a new wallpapering.

Glue for non-woven wallpaper: the reviews of users

To find a suitable composition for non-woven wallpaper, before buying it is necessary to get acquainted with the user feedback on the quality and benefits of glue.

When selecting an adhesive is important to take into account the advice of professionals and users, but it is always necessary to be guided only to his own opinion, taking into account characteristics of the premises and the wall surface.

Best glue walpaperChoose a glue to repair, weighing all the pros and cons of building material

Each kind of wallpaper glue has the features and characteristics.

Reviews of the different brands of glue:

  • Exclusive. Easy to prepare. Its application is easy to adjust. It has excellent characteristics adherend.
  • Bromide. Glue is applied to the wall easily, it penetrates deep into the structure, firmly adheres surface.
  • Quelyd. Easily diluted, applied to the wall, safe for health.
  • Kilit. Saves consumption of glue, provides a quality coating.

Many brands have proven their quality. What types of adhesives to choose, everyone decides for himself. Professional formulations should be chosen, given the characteristics of surfaces and materials quality.

Options glue for non-woven wallpaper (video)

Today, there are many types of adhesives for non-woven wallpaper. Nonwoven - quality material, which provides reliable and beautiful surface. When selecting an adhesive is important to pay attention to the composition. The combination of components should provide good traction surfaces. This is the main condition for wallpapering. A good adhesive must be applied easily, evenly, penetrate deep into the surface of the structure, then the wallpaper will pokleit quality.