Wood - Topiary of Cotton disk is any decorWood - Topiary of Cotton disk will adorn any intereraTopiarii of Cotton disk - it's a pleasant and airy decoration of the apartment. The art of creating unique things, there are no special rules and canons. Trees can make them any means at hand, even cosmetic devices. Topiary based on cotton discs will be a welcome addition bedroom or living room.

Topiary of a cotton disc with his own hands: it is necessary for the production of

In the manufacture of jewelry with their hands there is nothing difficult. All that is needed is available materials and developed a fantasy. Standard tree consists of several elements which can be manufactured with the help of certain components.

Topiary can produce materials that exist in any homeTopiary can produce materials that exist in any home

These include:

  • White paper;
  • spokes;
  • Glue;
  • napkins;
  • Paints;
  • Bow;
  • beads;
  • Cotton pads;
  • thread;
  • newspapers;
  • Beads.

To manufacture the pot is necessary to get a white paper and some elements of hardware. If there is no desire to create bottom of the tree alone, it can be bought. To do this, fit an ordinary plastic pot, which is then decorated.

Bowl or crown of the tree is created from the crumpled paper and thread, then decorated by cotton disc. White top decorated with beads and decorative ribbons. Tree trunk - a needle or stick, which is attached to the crown and set the pot base. All items are decorated according to the preferences of the master.

Detailed instructions: Topiary of wadded disks steps

Topiary tree-cotton wool - is airy complement any interior. To produce unique decorations must prepare basic elements.

Make an ornament of Cotton disk is very simple - a fantasy, plus the materials at handMake an ornament of Cotton disk is very simple - a fantasy, plus the materials at hand

These include:

  • Sponges from the wool;
  • Pencil;
  • pot;
  • newspapers;
  • Glue;
  • thread;
  • beads;
  • Decorative butterflies;
  • berries;
  • Stones, crystals;
  • Scissors.

To make a decoration for the apartment with his hands not only simple but also exciting. To begin, create a crown, it is based on crumpled paper, wrapped thread. Paper need to impose on each other until, until a dense structure. Then all the attached thread. In the resulting ball is a hole in it and inserted a pencil, it will act as a trunk. Fastened element with an adhesive. At the bottom it is worth to fix the plaster.

When the basic design is ready, you can start decorating the tree. Of cotton sponges need to make tubes and fix all by staples or glue. The resulting twisted elements are glued to the ball in any sequence. Add a bit of elegance beads, rhinestones or berries inside padded tubes.

The tree trunk is wrapped with bright ribbons or threads. Decorate necessary and pot. To do this, you can use any hardware elements: butterflies, berries, flowers, beads or rhinestones. If we take as a basis described master class on manufacturing will take less than a couple of hours.

Wedding Topiary based on air wool

Decorative tree may be appropriate adornment apartment and act as a unique gift for a wedding. Topiary can produce on their own, at a cost of a few hours.

Topiary can decorate a wedding celebrationTopiary can decorate a wedding celebration

The main elements are:

  • Cotton pads;
  • beads;
  • Beads bright colors;
  • Hot-melt adhesive;
  • Pot or billet - a base;
  • stapler;
  • Gypsum;
  • Sprig for the trunk.

To start the ball is made, you can buy ready-made foam or plastic construction, if desired. He then decorated with cotton pad. Of these, it is necessary to make the tube. For this disk is minimized and fastened by the stapler. Hide brackets must be beads or small beads. As stem protrudes pencil, wire or beautiful sprig. The main thing that it was a stable material. The barrel is glued to the crown and well secured with gypsum in a pot. The result is a durable design that can be decorated.

All actions must be performed in steps. First the frame is erected, and then carried out the decoration. Decorate crown necessary discs, beads and beads. The barrel is decorated with the help of thread and tape. For pot ornaments suitable decorative stones, beads, beads and other materials.

The result is an interesting and novel design. The snow-white Topiary of soft discs will be a good complement a bedroom, living room and even a kitchen.

Flowers for Topiary of cotton discs

The most difficult process for all beginners is to manufacture colors of cotton discs. In fact, nothing heavy about it. Before you get started, you need to prepare the required elements.

These include:

  • Cotton pads;
  • Pencil;
  • beads;
  • Beads;
  • Stapler.

Flowers are very simple. To do this takes a cotton pad and rolled into a tube by means of a pencil. The resulting construct is fixed stapler. Of several ducts, lobes, you can create an entire composition. To join lobes applies stapler.

Flowers of the cotton discs - a great gift on March 8Flowers of the cotton discs - a great gift on March 8

Hide brackets can be beads or beads. They are attached by adhesive or sewn on top. Here, everyone decides on their own how to hide the bracket. The resulting colors are mounted on the crown with glue. Stack them in any way possible, special rules petals accommodation, no.

In the middle of the tubes can be placed pretty bright rhinestones or berries. All depends on the subject of the future of the tree and the manufacturer's imagination. In any case, the resulting structure will be unique.

Rose from the cotton discs (video)

Examples of topiary cotton discs (photo)

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