Bedroom and living room in one room must be harmoniously combinedBedroom and living room in one room should be in harmony sovmeschenyVo many apartments it became fashionable to do combined premises, so it becomes more and more important question of how to divide the room into two zones - a bedroom and a living room, a photo of which can be found in many places. In the picture it looks good, but do not rush to transfer your favorite design options in the apartment. The more time will be spent on a detailed analysis of the plan, the result would be more practical.

The functional aspect is crucial

First we need to look into the purse. It is about budget embodiment, then the bed is separated through the backs of seats. If you choose the right tone and texture of the material of the two seats, it does not give the impression of space congestion. An important role is played here by the color and texture of the walls, located in the headboard area. You need to combine colors so that the visual space of the seat and the wall gradually increased.

From a practical point of view, emphasis should be placed on a darker tone seats, which gradually brightens as it approaches the head of the bed. Complement interior shutters can be stylish and houseplants. More options available to those who have enough finance.

Combined living and bedroom should be very functionalCombined living and bedroom should be very functional

List of the main design of the recommendations as follows:

  1. The space in the room is divided into 2 zones. In the intimate spend intimate or business conversations and in public - greet guests. In addition, the bed is located in an intimate area.
  2. Comfortable atmosphere create a pastel shades. They do not irritate human work or relax. The used pictures, a mirror or a panel as small decorative items.
  3. The abundance of glass surfaces - a recommendation that makes any space "air". The smaller the eye clings alone the same points, the more freedom there.

"Screaming" as too "hospital-white" color should not be present in a bedroom-living room.

Zoning of the room into a bedroom and living room: we arrange furniture

In the space of each object must have a strictly defined position. To some extent, minor experimentation may occur, but do not give too much freedom to the imagination. Zoning begins with choosing a place to sleep. It should not be too close to the door or to a place where people are constantly walking.

Optimal location would be a bed near the window, which in turn is located in front of the door.

Dictated it is not only taking care of alone holidaymakers, but also the psychological aspect. The morning will start from the light of the sun, and not from the noise generated by the people entered into the hall.

In the separation of the room into a bedroom and living room, you need to properly arrange the furnitureIn the separation of the room into a bedroom and living room, you need to properly arrange the furniture

To night's sleep will not be disturbed, the available space is recommended to zone one of the following methods below:

  • Decorative carved partition having a thickness of up to 10-12 cm;
  • Bookcase, which will fully or partially close a place to rest;
  • Oriental curtains that give the room a special charm.

If you are not satisfied with the proposed version, the bed is located in a specially fenced off area near the door. The only drawback of this council is the lack of natural light. To compensate for such a "minus" will wall lamp or floor lamp.

The separation of the living room to the bedroom and the living room: false partitions

When it comes to minimalist design, or in the style of "techno", the logical separation of conduct by means place the artificial walls. natural materials used to manufacture them. For example, to isolate a place to sleep on the entire room will pilaster or more beams with artificial legs.

They are selected based on the predominant colors in the room. It is recommended not to make the contrast with respect to the colors of the room. Immediate implementation of this recommendation is available in several forms.

The final choice depends on the financial opportunities and aesthetic preferences:

  1. Fans will appreciate the modern direction of the bright walls with multiple colors. Due to the fact that they are mounted behind the sofa, it is possible to separate the desired space without difficulty. In this case, you can create a stylish element in the interior.
  2. Carved partition mounted only ½ the height or width of the room. In this case, it allows in a limited space to create some comfort zones, each of which will be during the day to have equal access to sunlight.

For the separation of the room into a bedroom and living room is appropriate to use a false partitionFor the separation of the room into a bedroom and living room is appropriate to use a false partition

Divide the space without compromising the look of the room, you can use the drywall. Use this approach only in large rooms. If you make a partition from floor to ceiling, you can not simply distinguish between functional areas and highlight the bedroom in a separate room.

The current zoning of the living room and bedroom by a glass partition

Bold in all respects option is appropriate only where there are no children or pets. In this case it is possible to separate the sleeping area from the rest places without fear of emergency. Such structures are of several types, so there is always the possibility of finding the adapted to the conditions of a private house or apartment. It must be remembered that the design of the room and the walls must match at least half.

A good example is the stained glass partitions. Depending on the desires of the owner to allocate a particular location in the room, the number of colors ranging from 5 to 10.

Carry out zoning of the room, you can use glass partitions, which will look great in almost any interiorCarry out zoning of the room, you can use glass partitions, which will look great in almost any interior

Below mentioned tips will help you choose a profitable in every embodiment of the glass partition:

  • If there is sufficient space in the room, the division is due to the light flux coming from the septum;
  • The height of the structure is selected in such a way that the light coming from the windows create color projection at least until the middle of the room or to the wall opposite the window.

In smaller rooms, fragments of stained glass better to choose a square shape, and large - round or rhombic.

Interior Transfiguration: zoning the living room and bedrooms using blinds

Minimalists and eastward into the design must cope with the task of dividing a bit more sophisticated facilities. All ideas listed above are not suitable in cases where the border should be apparent, not actual. To achieve this result will love the inhabitants of the East to the "air" in the design. We are talking about bamboo blinds and thin blinds. Despite the fact that they play the role of a door between several zones, they do not reduce the amount of incoming light.

One method of zoning the living room and bedroom - use blindsOne method of zoning the living room and bedroom - use blinds

Choose the right place for them will help the study of the spatial characteristics of the room:

  • Approximately in the middle of the room is mounted on the ceiling mount to the structure;
  • It is desirable that both sides of the Eastern blinds or curtains was a locker or shelf;
  • If not, then as a visual supplement act divided into 2 parts mezzanine or bookcase.

The length of the visual separator is chosen so that it reached the middle of the side walls that surround it.

How to combine the bedroom and living room in one room (video)

Simply put, in a hall set the composition of the blinds or curtains, which serves as the border between the two zones. It is recommended to choose pastel or neutral colors. Before you buy is better to make sure that the potential acquisition will not be too conspicuous. Otherwise, divide one room into two will be a daunting task. After all, it cuts out the secret of success in the ability to arrange visual accents so that those limits could not be seen.

Details: how to divide the room into two zones, bedroom and living room (photo examples)