In the interior of the corridor - the most important to create a comfortable environment for yourselfIn the interior of the corridor - the most important to create a comfortable environment for sebyaKoridor is not only the hallmark of the apartment, but also its owner. There is no doubt that its interior should ideally be combined with the whole apartment furnishings. Observing certain fineness can achieve an impressive appearance. Thus, a small hallway should not be overly saturate the little things and the big corridor requires a little more emphasis on the details. It seems to create an interior that is difficult, but there are plenty of tips on the right approach, observing only a few of them can surprise your guests with the elegance of its hallway.

Hallways: Interior design of the apartment

To engage in interior corridor must be last of all, this is due to the fact that its views have to be adjusted by setting the whole room. Much easier when it comes to light the corridors of residential flats or offices, but what to do if a dark hallway or narrow? Turning to the Internet can see a lot of design tips to help find a way out. It will allow them to help transform the gloomy corridor in the creation of art. If the owner has decided to create their own interior, the first thing you should notice is the lighting. Since the windows in this room did not actually happen, it is necessary to provide intense light.

The lighting in the hallway - the main attribute of the roomThe lighting in the hallway - the main attribute of the room

Original lamps, sconces and chandeliers help to create the right lighting.

Choosing furniture should take into account such things as the role of the hallway in the house, its parameters. Photo of the interior of examples can be found in the world's networks, as well as ask for specialists.

Corridor Interior: advice on its design

Where to begin design? To begin, you should decide what form does the corridor, and what style the owner would like to translate into reality? In most cases, preference is given to the three styles, this is a classic, modern and hi-tech.

But, as regards the structure of the hallways, they can be divided into several types:

  • long;
  • small;
  • Narrow.

If there is too long hallway in an apartment, you can create it in a cozy atmosphere will help bright wallpaper. Ideally will look creamy, peach, beige color. Finishing the ceiling and floor, too, has its own characteristics. Here are best suited false ceiling with built-in spotlights, and the floor will look harmonious if its covered with tiles. furniture should not clutter up this corridor is fine sliding wardrobe with mirror coating and a few shelves. Furniture should be the same color and floor tiles. Wonderful accessory will be flowers in outdoor vases, which can be arranged at the corners of the hall.

Small hallway, in contrast to a large entrance hall does not have enough range of interior choice. The modern apartments are designed so that not everyone can boast of even a medium-sized corridor. However, a small hallway with proper registration in no way inferior to the comfort of other corridors. Designers are advised in these cases to limit the modular furniture and some accessories. Proper trim - is key to the expansion of visual space.

Modular furniture in the hallway is not only able to accommodate all the things, but you must leave a spaceModular furniture in the hallway is not only able to accommodate all the things, but you must leave a space

Bulky materials such as wood, plastic panels, will take away a few centimeters. Artificial stones, plaster relief as will ensure reduction of the room. But the wallpaper and paint, provided that the correct color, will be an excellent solution to this problem.

When selecting materials for decoration, you need to stick to minimalism, pattern wallpaper should be unobtrusive, and the ceiling is monotonous and light. The ideal option would be a glossy white ceiling. As for accessories, it is necessary to reject them. In terms of being in the hallway a few people, the extra items will only interfere. Furniture should be arranged so that not only do not interfere, but you need to leave space.

The interior of a narrow corridor requires more careful thought design, because it depends on the proper organization of the expansion and extension of the hall. The first secret to optimize form, a collection of the correct pattern of the walls. The ornament must be either vertical or horizontal, in addition you need to find a detailed pattern. This point applies to the ceiling. Lighting should be uniform, designers are advised to use a lower light. It was he who cleans the room boundaries, visually expanding it. The area of ​​this corridor does not require a large amount of furniture. A better option is built in case depth of 50cm. Complement the interior of the modular pattern that best positioned at eye level.

The use of mats in the interior of the corridor: Ecology house

Not so long ago became one of the popular types of finishing materials called environmentally friendly carpet, he is better known as Mat.

Installation is fairly simple mat - mounting takes place on a special adhesive, moreover, it does not take away the right of the room spaceInstallation is fairly simple mat - mounting takes place on a special adhesive, moreover, it does not take away the right of the room space

It is made by means of:

  • bamboo;
  • jute;
  • cotton;
  • cane;
  • Sisal.

Application has found itself not only as a floor covering, but also as a wallpaper, curtains, ceiling and framing pictures. Regarding the use of mats in the interior corridor, it also should be selected for the desired decor. Undoubted positive side is that it does not require special care, vacuum processing is more than enough. Periodically, the mat must be treated by means of spots. But improper care or lack of it will significantly reduce the operating layer.

Creating a Style in the hallway

As mentioned earlier, when you create a style in the hallway of the three types most often selected.

The corridor is required combined with the interior of the apartment, only in this case, this room will have integrity.

Modern Style in the hallway will display the simplicity and ease of premisesModern Style in the hallway will display the simplicity and ease of premises

Adherents of the classical style should opt for wooden panels, which are best placed in the lower part of the wall with respect to the top of the gallery will be a great decoration of it. The apartments in which they live creative people it makes sense to create an art gallery, which will be lit backlight. The color scheme for this style most often selected neutral, and built-in furniture.

In the organization of the modern style most often used wallpaper and trim plastic panels. Selected neutral color, such as beige, or gray sand. What sways the flooring, it is often in his favor as the tiles. High-tech style is chosen less previous versions, it is a bold and necessary not to everyone's taste. This style is created with the help of black and white color scheme and large posters. As would be appropriate vinyl labels in combination with mirrors and shelves. As for furniture, it always showy and extravagant, and built-in light focuses solely on it.

The cozy interior of the corridor in the flat (video)

There are many ideas for the interior design and in the hallway of the apartment. Owners, it is only necessary to understand what kind of shape is the room and what they would like to see as the interior. If you can not decide on your own, you can always contact a specialist, see an example on the internet and choose exactly what suits. Do not forget that the first impression of the host it is generated from the hallway.

Corridor Design apartment (interior photo)

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