Wallpaper glue on wallpaper - not a good idea, but sometimes it is compulsoryWallpaper glue on wallpaper - not a good idea, but sometimes it does not oboytisKazhdy no man in my life, sooner or later faces the repairs. Wallpaper - one of the most popular ways to wall design. In pursuit of saving time, money and effort many people want to know whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the wallpaper. Sure, with a strong desire pokleit new layer of wallpaper without removing the old one, you can, but it is necessary to observe a number of tips and instructions.

Do Wallpaper Wallpaper glued - tips and tricks

First, you should understand whether this idea will lead to a positive result. The main condition is to have successful gluing smooth and solid wall surface.

To understand whether the new sticky wallpaper available on the old layer, you first need to make sure that on the wall with the same coating there are no defects.

Glue the new wallpaper on top of old can only be the case when initially flat wallGlue the new wallpaper on top of old can only be the case when initially flat wall

Compliance with these rules will help to avoid peeling of wallpaper just bonded coating on the walls:

  1. On the old wallpaper should not be found significant flaws and peeling off the wall, canvas must hold fast, or after some time a new wallpaper were peeled off together with the same.
  2. The wall must be flat - without cracks and recesses (otherwise is required to align their gluing).
  3. Old wallpaper should not be too thick, because this may be the cause of peeling them away from the wall with a layer of new wallpaper.
  4. Not recommended for application on top of the non-woven wallpaper or vinyl - they do not absorb the adhesive, so they can also come off.
  5. It is not recommended glue wallpaper to the old, having a relief, because the smaller the bonding area, the worse it will hold a new wallpaper.

The glue should be of high quality, diluted according to instructions on the package.

As wallpaper glue on wallpaper

Wallpaper glue must be in accordance with the maintenance rules an appropriate manner. If the layer of old wallpaper is glued fragile, it is necessary to glue these places with special glue.

New wallpapers have to be darker and denser oldNew wallpapers have to be darker and denser old

The success of wallpapering on old wallpaper depends on the structure and the old and new material color:

  • New wallpapers have to be darker;
  • It is necessary to choose a wallpaper that is denser old;
  • It is not necessary to glue the monochromatic light wallpaper old with variegated pattern, because the patterns will shine;
  • It is necessary to rule out the presence of the coloring effect of the old wallpaper to prevent seepage of paint on top of new ones. You can do this by gluing a small piece of wallpaper or newspaper.

One of the basic rules of gluing is competent and careful use of glue. If you put it too much, then a layer of the old wallpaper may get wet and move away from the wall, along with the new.

Instructions step by step

If all conditions are met, then you can safely begin immediately the process of gluing:

  1. The first stage - priming the old coating with glue, which we subsequently will gluing. You need to prepare the liquid adhesive, to put it a paint roller to the surface and allow to dry for several minutes.
  2. As in the ordinary course of wallpapering need to prepare a canvas for stick. If there is a pattern on the wallpaper, the paintings need to be cut so that when gluing figures coincide.
  3. Next, prepare the glue, without deviating from the instructions indicated on the label, we put it on the wall or on the back side of the new wallpaper. Excess adhesive that will protrude from the edges of, you should immediately remove the cloth.
  4. It now remains to make the process of ordinary wallpapering, using a rubber spatula for leveling.

As in the ordinary course of wallpapering, the hardest part - the corners. Each of the paintings, which are glued on both sides of the angle, it is necessary to take an allowance of a few cm, these areas of wallpaper glue do not need to smear.

gluing technology and tools used are not much different from the conventional technique wallpaperinggluing technology and tools used are not much different from the conventional technique wallpapering

After gluing both cloths should be done with a knife cut in the corner of the entire height of the wallpaper, and then not glued allowances removed and unglued portions of the inner side are lubricated with glue and smooth wall.

By following these simple rules, you can stick the new wallpaper on the old layer.

Can I hang wallpaper in the water-based paints

Latex paint is also a very popular form of wall design, as some prefer to just paint the wallpaper. Removing the old paint from the wall - not a simple one. Therefore, simple ways lovers want to bypass the process side and pokleit wallpaper on the water-based paint without releasing it.

This way of example, if the paint quality and clings to the wall.

Checking the quality of the paint, located on the wall, it is a prerequisite for wallpapering. To do this, you can try to paste a piece of wallpaper or newspaper. If you will hold good, then you can begin the process of wallpapering.

If the old latex paint is firmly on the wall and remove it rather problematic, allowed Wallpapering over paintIf the old latex paint is firmly on the wall and remove it rather problematic, allowed Wallpapering over paint

Before starting the main work should be carried out several procedures:

  • Before applying the wallpaper to be coated wall coated with paint, a solution consisting of a primer and adhesive (diluted in the ratio 1: 1);
  • If you want to apply a liquid wall, the wall covered with latex paint should be primed in multiple layers (if the paint last longer than two years, then it is better to remove all the same);
  • Before mounting the heavy and dense wallpaper must be applied to the lining paper, avoiding overlap joints and paper wallpaper (you can use the old-fashioned paper);
  • Recommended wallpaper glue only on the following day after application of the soil solution.

After prokroete wallpapered walls, not to tear off them in order to remove the bubbles - you can use a special roll for that.

Is it possible to glue non-woven wallpaper Wallpaper

The composition of wallpaper nonwoven fabric are compacted and the paper fibers, which distinguishes this type of high strength wallpaper. Glue them on different kinds of surfaces - chipboard, plaster, etc.

But here, this type of wallpaper paste over the old is not recommended for two reasons:

  1. Non-woven wallpaper is quite heavy, but, as we said earlier, it is likely to lead to a backlog of both old and new wallpaper from the wall;
  2. It is possible that after some time on the old wallpaper will appear bubbles that disturb the aesthetic appearance of the room.

For these reasons, sticky non-woven wallpaper on the old is not the best idea. Sure, if you will not waste precious time on getting rid of old wallpaper, and to bring the walls in order, you get a lot faster, but the result is unlikely to be of high quality.

Non-woven wallpaper is enough thick and heavy, so glue them on top of the old is not recommendedNon-woven wallpaper is enough thick and heavy, so glue them on top of the old is not recommended

The best option is for non-woven wallpaper removing all of the old coating and applying on a dry, flat surface.

The answer to the question whether it is possible to hang wallpaper in the wallpaper, depending on many factors. Firstly, the type of wallpaper has a value of how we want to paste over the wall. Second, not all types of wallpaper, we can glue the new one. The choice of color and structure of the new wallpaper, which will be glued over the old ones, will also be limited.

As easy to remove old wallpaper (video)

So, the new over the old wallpaper paste, you can, but avoid the unfortunate outcome, the old layer is better to remove. If still you have decided on wallpapering without getting rid of the old layer, remember the rules that must be followed in order to do everything correctly and without negative consequences.