Ceiling - is a special area of ​​the apartment, to which attention should be paid toCeiling - is a special area of ​​the apartment, to which should be paid vnimaniePo fact, the ceiling - a partition that divides the floor. In apartment buildings it is advantageously made of concrete slabs (with metal reinforcement inside). Its device is extremely simple - the foundation and the reinforcement material, which increases the resistance and the possible permissible static load.

Pets ceilings: Options

The wooden ceilings are ideal for private homesThe wooden ceilings are ideal for private homes

In a private house ceilings often are made of wood. Thus, they do not increase the weight of the entire structure (this will significantly save on the foundation), as well as reduce the price of construction. Of course, it is possible to lay and concrete slabs, but it will be more expensive and require additional equipment to use.

The most difficult option - it is the very ceiling. In most cases, it simply replaced, but it is possible and to restore, reinforcing wooden beams. Moreover - this is the real fashion trend in modern design.

Total, the ceilings are:

  • concrete;
  • wood (beams, boards, log, wells);
  • Sama (here you can turn bricks and other building materials in this class).

How to raise the ceiling in an old house, what you need to do

In order to raise the ceilings in your home, you need to disassemble or design, then create a new cover or raise the frame by mounting the lower shell (suitable for wooden houses are not large).

Raising the ceiling - a difficult task. On the height of the ceiling is better will take care at the beginning of the construction of the ceilingRaising the ceiling - a difficult task. On the height of the ceiling is better will take care at the beginning of the construction of the ceiling

Just hands to do it will not work - need to use additional equipment. Ideal - to remove the roof to increase to the desired height of the wall and have to create a new level of the ceiling.

When it comes to the two-story house, then such work will not be cost-effective - it is better to abandon the idea. That is, to raise the ceilings can only be from the attic.

We must remember that at the same time still have to:

  • strengthen the base and the foundation;
  • align level trim main transmission and the added layers;
  • prevent condensation on joints (sealed with basalt fiber).

What should be the ceiling height in the house

The higher the ceiling, the more comfortable in the roomThe higher the ceiling, the more comfortable in the room

In almost every old house ceiling height slightly crosses over 2 meters. Modern standard - 2.4 meters. Increasingly, however, the standard height increases up to 3 meters. But we must remember that in those houses that are located outside the city, too high ceiling creates a whole lot of inconvenience. For example, a stove to heat the room will be much more difficult. That is why a comfortable height is considered to be all the same 2.4 meters.

In an unheated house, you can do even less. But definitely need insulation from the attic floor.

For all these reasons, the optimal height:

  • 2.1 meters - for homes that are heated by stoves;
  • 2.4 - gasified for houses;
  • 3 meter - if the ceiling is created in the monolithic structure (but there they are still extremely rare).

ceiling device in the house with his own hands: the options

Ceiling, even from the same material, can be laid by various methods. For example, from a tree - on the beams or the Cross procedure (transversely to the longitudinal suspensions). In any case, if the walls are made of brick or concrete, they will have to Stroebe, that is, to create a recess for docking. Provis also helps only when mounting the false ceiling.

What do attachment - the owner of the house decides, on the basis of the stability of the structure, as well as the reliability of the foundation layer. Universal variant - average arrangement shtrobirovaniya and install the reinforcing layer (it is possible even with a coupler of the armature).

Properly mounted ceiling is the one that has a static load limit exceeds in 2-3 times real. That is, it must be both easy and reliable.

The simplest options:

  1. Ceiling adobe (a mixture of wood and clay bricks with straw).
  2. Wooden ceiling (with exposed beams or a lining).
  3. Screed on beacons. Used cement with reinforcing mesh. Such a ceiling is not intended for high load.

Adobe house ceiling with his hands how to make

Adobe ceiling fire hazard. Keep this in mind when you use itAdobe ceiling fire hazard. Keep this in mind when you use it

If it is necessary to line the ceiling in an adobe house, it is better to mount the wood or adobe. And you can combine these options - to create a crate made of wood and it all shut clay and straw mixture. In principle, as did up to 80-ies of the last century, almost all houses country type.

The only drawback to the adobe - he sweats in the heating period and is a highly flammable material. That is, it is necessary to install a heating system of the floor covering or burzhujku (stove), which will be put outside the house (to be in the annexe) for heating of the house.

That is, the basis of the ceiling mount technology in an adobe house:

  • put quality crate (ideally - with log);
  • put on the crate adobe;
  • equalize the level of clay and straw mix.

Makes herself a ceiling it is possible even in an apartment building. If he wants to hide the visual - you can use the suspension structures.

What ceilings make the house: the options

If the house is not made of wood, use a concrete ceilingIf the house is not made of wood, use a concrete ceiling

Returning to the original question can be answered, that each case - an individual, so it is impossible to say what the ceiling is better to do in a particular house.

The most durable and reliable - concrete, but they are not smontiruesh in adobe or clay house (and in the chopped, block). Why? Because it is necessary to take into account the maximum possible static load on the crate (support for the ceiling).

Restrictions are not introduced unless the regeneration of the ceiling in the concrete and brick houses, under which there is a solid foundation. That is, you need to first consult with a specialist or an engineer, which will indicate whether the design is able to withstand the increased weight.

When choosing a ceiling construction is necessary to remember only that:

  • tree - is not reliable, and calls for a special care;
  • adobe - not visually attractive, so it will have to close the trim;
  • Concrete - the best option, but to incite them to the ceiling in a wooden house will not turn.

Even brick is not suitable for the ribbon foundation.

And, of course, every builder who undertook the arrangement of the ceiling must be taken into account and their financial capabilities. Reviews say that the use of adobe - the most profitable thing, if it then does not cover the expensive finish. If the close finish, it will cost not less than the ceiling with wood and concrete, and even more expensive, so this option is more suitable for the rich people.

How to make a ceiling in the monolithic house

If you have a solid house, then pay attention to the ceiling. In the future, the correction will be expensive you doIf you have a solid house, then pay attention to the ceiling. In the future, the correction will be expensive you do

The main problem that arises in the regeneration of the ceiling in the monolithic house - the impossibility of its subsequent dismantling. That is, the base is mounted on the cutting grooves (which are placed spacers) into the wall.

The already formed indoors will only make wooden ceiling. Plates deliver has not come out without removing the roof. And we must understand that here all the walls - reinforced, if not pass through them slings. Therefore, to align the level - will not work. Perhaps except replace a ceiling decoration, or create a new false ceiling of the same drywall, for example.

That is, when creating a ceiling in the monolithic house should consider the following points:

  1. The design will be held at Grooves (recesses in the wall).
  2. Construction of an additional floor - it is impossible, so the load on the ceiling is low (for an attic - suitable, but no more).
  3. Adjust the height of the ceiling - is not possible.
  4. For major repairs ceiling is better to create a false basis. Rough same basis simply amplified, if necessary.

The ceiling in his house with his own hands (video)

Naturally, the ceiling arrangement options - much more than described herein. Now even the glass is used for construction, but in homes - is not an option. The optimal choice - wood, and concrete. Saman - for the old country houses without masonry. And always the same mounting technology - or at the crate, or by cutting grooves.

The ceiling in his house with his own hands (photo)

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