Patience and hard work - the key to successPatience and hard work - the key to successful rabotyNekotorye think that if the walls are painted, you should get rid of the paint. Undoubtedly, prepare the wall is not difficult, but it will take some time. Before you get started, you need patience and advance to find all the necessary building materials.

Not everyone immediately comes to mind to carry out repairs. But even taking this decision, we are trying to postpone its implementation finally, when it begins to paint slazit and finishing of all surfaces fall off and fade. For this reason, the repair "in haste" will have enough to do to update the apartment or house. And then the question before us is, wherewith to decorate the room. As of today, more and more people prefer wallpaper, since this material is fairly inexpensive and does not require any extra effort. But if the walls still remained for a long time applying the paint as well pokleit wallpaper on them? Make it possible, observing certain rules.

Is it possible to paint wallpaper glue: possible problems

Before you begin to hang wallpaper, look for wall coveringsBefore you begin to hang wallpaper, look for wall coverings

Before starting to glue a new coating on the painted walls, you must carefully to understand all and find out exactly if I can hang wallpaper in the paint. Because otherwise there may be some problems such as peeling blade from the base, the occurrence of irregularities and bubbles on the wallpaper or sheets altogether detached from the wall. These effects can lead to repeated repairs and additional investment funds. Of course, a complete cleansing of the walls of the finishing materials is not an easy task, because in this case will have to invest here a lot of time and effort.

For quality fining walls, above all, need to find out what type of coverage is used on your walls.

Types of paint covering the walls

  • Acrylic (latex);
  • Oil.

Clean the walls with a spatula before mounting yourClean the walls with a spatula before mounting your

In order to understand whether or not to paint wallpaper paste, you must try to remove a small portion of the coating spatula. Acrylic paint is very tightly held and removed only a small portion, but the oil is no longer chunks. If it is difficult to determine the type of coverage, for this is proven methods that are suitable for any covering. One of them: it is necessary to take high-quality, fresh glue and any wallpaper, but not vinyl. Wall before pasting just cleaned.

As wallpaper glue on the painted walls with different kinds of coatings

Before you begin to glue the wallpaper on the painted walls, you need to prepare all the tools that are commonly used for this purpose.

For wallpapering on painted walls should:

  • Special glue for wallpaper;
  • Dry clean cloth;
  • Any wallpaper, not only vinyl;
  • Primer;
  • Putty knife;
  • Brush;
  • A sharp knife or scissors building;
  • Two rollers;
  • Sandpaper.

Determining the type of wall covering is a very important step that leads to a good result. This will determine how it is necessary to prepare the surface for pasting.

If the wall is covered with water-based paint, you must comply with the following requirements. At first, we check the stability of the paint. To do this, wet a small area of ​​water.

It should dry yourself, then once again to repeat the same action. If the paint very well, and it is not blown up or come off, you can start wrapping the walls with wallpaper in the usual way. Before mounting need to apply a layer of pre-diluted adhesive for wallpaper or primer and dry that surface. To be completely sure of a positive result, it is better to repeat the action twice.

Usually using oil paint can paint the kitchen walls in the kitchen because they are the most polluting grease and soot. Therefore, the walls of the preparation will be in their degreasing. To do this, you need to wash the walls of conventional soap or some detergent from fat, then rinse with water and allow to dry. After all of the above actions is performed usual Wallpapering.

Is it possible to glue the new wallpaper on old painted wallpaper

Often, many question whether it is possible to hang wallpaper on painted wallpaper. There is only one solution - the old wallpaper should definitely be removed.

Pokleit wallpaper on the old new, you risk losing not only a lot of effort, but also lose your moneyPokleit wallpaper on the old new, you risk losing not only a lot of effort, but also lose your money

This is necessary for several reasons:

  • If the old painted wallpaper was pokleit lap on the new wallpaper can become visible joints;
  • If the old wallpaper was applied ornament, on the surface pasted wallpaper tread spots and stains of paint.

It is impossible to be completely sure of the strength of old wallpaper. When they absorb moisture after applying the adhesive, the soak. Thus, there is a great probability that they will peel off in the most unexpected place. Subsequently, this new coating also deteriorate. Therefore it is not advisable to hang wallpaper on old painted wallpaper. By choosing this path, you very much risk.

Masters involved in building things, say: in order to achieve a good result in the pasting wallpaper, you need to completely clean the wall of the old cover, align it with primer and degreased.

For removal of old painted wallpaper perfect water or a specially designated for that purpose, solvent adhesive for wallpaper. Using platen cause the tool or water on the wallpaper and remove spatula.

But if on the cleaned surfaces do not have time and desire, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of old painted wallpaper. If the coating is strong and rather thin, you can try pokleit wallpaper colored wallpaper. The big plus is a significant savings of time spent on it, to prepare the surface.

Is it possible to apply wallpaper to paint: What rules must be followed

Before sticker wallpaper, clean and dry wall. So the wallpaper will be held firmlyBefore sticker wallpaper, clean and dry wall. So the wallpaper will be held firmly

In no case can not be wallpaper paste on painted raw and fungus infection of the wall. Even if data is dry patches on the walls, or to treat them specially designed for this means for the removal of mold, this will not be enough.

If the walls there is any damage, there will only mount insulator. It is glued on a grid, and then applied to a sufficiently large plaster layer or wall off with using gypsum boards.

Tips and tricks

To achieve the best possible result for wallpapering on painted walls need:

  • Buy the right amount of wallpaper, it is recommended to take stock of the additional roll 1;
  • Cloths docked on the ornament or drawing;
  • Wallpaper is best to stick on the windows;
  • Paste over the wall wallpaper is necessary together - one person sticks canvas top, the second - from the bottom;
  • Measure out and severed glueing strip of wallpaper is placed the wrong side up;
  • Glue spread specifically designed for this brush, you will need to distribute it so that it was applied evenly over the entire surface of the web;
  • After applying the adhesive on the wall and the wallpaper, you need to begin to glue the top;
  • Glued fabric to smooth better from the middle of dense towards the edges with a cloth or roller;
  • Excess adhesive solution immediately clean and dry with a clean cloth;
  • The following wallpaper glued strips not overlapping and butt;
  • With a special construction knife carefully cut portions on the wallpaper to outlets and switches;
  • Paste over the wall only needed indoors, to avoid drafts.

As pokleit wallpaper on painted walls (video)

We found out that wallpaper glue the painted surface can be. But if you decide to use a fairly expensive wallpaper, here already it is necessary to consider whether to take the risk. After momentary benefit can lead to serious unplanned spending. In this case, we recommend cleaning the walls of the paint. And then you can not worry that soon the wallpaper may deteriorate.

As pokleit wallpaper on painted walls (photo)

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