Decorative stone in the living room looks elegant and luxuriousDecorative stone in the living room look elegant and roskoshnoKamen as a decorative material has been used for a long time. When the time was the stone has become an indispensable material for sculptors and architects. Ability to handle stone is considered the highest art. Today decorative stone is used as an external finish of facades, windows, columns, pergolas and other. But finishing facilities can be not only external but also internal. Decorative stone can become the best finish for the interior of the house.

Decorative stone in the living room: the use of secrets

The use of stone in the interior of the living room, allows you to achieve a sense of peace and comfort. The owners of this living room there is a slight protection that is achieved by the combination of two elements - fire and stone. The best example of the proof of this assertion is the stone fireplace, which is associated exclusively with the comfort and warmth of home. Undoubtedly, for a small apartment like finish it becomes not relevant, since the stone will be visually clutter the space, narrowing it. Therefore, it is recommended to use the stone in a spacious living room, which can be in a big house or a cottage.

Very often, the artificial stone used for interior decoration of bars, restaurants, hotels and offices. For this purpose the large assortment of decorative stone.

Decorative stone in the living room gives a sense of security. This type of finish will be appropriate for a large living roomDecorative stone in the living room gives a sense of security. This type of finish will be appropriate for a large living room

Decorative stone has several distinctive features compared to the artificial stone. Natural stone has a great variety of colors. But also requires a diligent and serious approach to its use. In addition, natural stone requires special handling using modern techniques, allowing the material to approximate to the natural quality. All this makes the artificial stone and more popular as compared to natural stone.

Decorating the living room decorative stone: how to do it right

To date, decorative stone, used for decoration of the living room, is presented in a very wide range. All this greatly facilitates the process of selection of stone close to your image and likeness with a natural.

Available are the following ornamental stones, suitable for living room decoration:

  • Pebbles from the sea shore;
  • Limestone;
  • The rock;
  • Brickwork.

It is also widely appreciated by many manufacturers produced stones with a smooth texture with bas-reliefs. As decoration masonry may make ornaments and hieroglyphs. Artificial stone can be carried out using forms. Texture may have to repeat that as the norm. When choosing an artificial stone should take into account the number of repetitions per one square meter. The interior living area of ​​considerable importance is the color of ornamental stone.

Thanks to modern production, choose the appropriate decorative stone in the cellarThanks to modern production, choose the appropriate decorative stone in the cellar

It must be in harmony with the overall color scheme premises, as well as the overall design:

  • For the classical interior is characterized by bright, calm tones;
  • Art Nouveau fit stones saturated color with shades of contract.

It is important to note the fact that you can not find exactly the same decorative tiles by color. This effect is achieved by double staining techniques, which ultimately expressed in different colors veining. Manufacturers and to this day continue to improve and increase the range of colors in order to cater to the needs of each buyer's taste.

Artificial stone in the design of the living room: the benefits

Interior stone in the interior of the living room has a lot of advantages. The most important and fundamental advantage is stone resistance to temperature extremes. This is a completely non-flammable material, so it is used in the design of fireplaces. Decorative fireplace in the room will help to give comfort room, becoming the heart of the entire premises in general. Fireplace can be made entirely of stone, or it may be partial masonry. This is the personal preferences of the home owner and his taste needs.

The design of the living room may include the presence of a living corner of nature. For this purpose, create small ponds, fountains, decorated with stone.

It is often used for decorative stone fireplaces in the living roomIt is often used for decorative stone fireplaces in the living room

If it's a large living room of a private house, it can be arranged in this room a real garden. Such a finished room will allow to enjoy the comfort, while removing stress. Decorating the walls of stone can be performed not only in the living room, but also in other areas. It can be corridors, dining room, kitchen, lounge, office. This design will allow to refine the interior, eliminating the need to arrange repairs too often.

It is important to understand that the artificial stone does not need a separate care as service life long enough. Whenever you need, you can change the situation room, install a small insertion, using tile different texture or appearance. Also, you can just replace a few items that will not only change, but also to update the previously created interior.

Stylish living room: finishing decorative stone

Quite often with the help of stone stairs are made. Stone steps in harmony with the walls lined in stone, thereby transforming a house in a beautiful palace. Greater effect can be achieved by processing the same manner as window and door openings. In addition to the aesthetic appeal is worth noting reliability and strength of the walls, which is created due to such finishing.

Decorative stone can ensure the reliability, durability and heat resistance in the living room wallDecorative stone can ensure the reliability, durability and heat resistance in the living room wall

It allowed the combination of stone and other materials, it can be a tree, for example. In the living room you can set the bar, also lined with decorative stone. The decor is also fit all kinds of niches, podiums, and shelves. In addition, the bar can have a bizarre and unusual shape. Using stone cladding can be ragged edge, giving a different shape to this attribute of the furniture.

To give the interior aged effect, it is recommended to use a coarse-grained rock with a view to decorate it using doorways, fireplaces and arches.

Recommendations for the use of decorative stone

Using the stone, it is important to adhere to the correct way of its masonry. Carrying out masonry, it is important to leave a small distance between the tiles, which then subsequently filled with grout. different colored grout can be used if desired. This method allows you to change the interior decoration, making it the freshness and novelty. It is recommended for areas with a TV and other appliances used for finishing natural stone. This will reduce the burden on the nervous system, gets people in long-term interaction with the computer and TV.

Decorative stone is able to radically change the interior of the living roomDecorative stone is able to radically change the interior of the living room

In the application of the stone it is important not to forget the sense of proportion. Excessive use of stone in the interior parts threatens the emergence and gravity of the cave.

Stone walls in the interior of the living room (video)

Artificial stone helps transform any interior completely. Give chic design helps even the smallest part made in this way.

Decorative stone in the living room (photo in the interior)