Well-chosen wallpaper stripes can change the size of the roomWell-chosen wallpaper stripes can change komnatyDom size - it's own safe haven, and its heart, is known to be living. There are going to all members of the household, here celebrate family events, share news, it is here that sense of cohesion and unity of the family. So, living room should be the most comfortable and beautiful, that all it was nice to be there and to come back to the bosom of the family home.

Beautiful white wallpaper in the interior of the living room: pictures and examples

Some of us prefer to have in the rooms of apartments and rooms were bright houses. For this purpose, the white wallpaper perfectly suited. To the white wallpaper in the interior of the living room does not look "in the hospital" sterile, you can use the accessories of different colors in the interior.

For example, a plain white cloth wallpaper well will be combined with colors such as:

  1. The black. The so-called classic combination of black and white. Elegant and slightly austere interior is well suited for business persons.
  2. Red. For example, red cushions on the sofas, wall frames for photos.
  3. Blue. For example, the white wallpaper is well combined blue curtains. This will make the interior a pinch of calm and relaxation. This combination is suitable for those who want to arrange the living room in a nautical theme Notke.
  4. Green. Able to give the room a natural appearance and an appropriate atmosphere.

living room interior with white wallpaper will always look elegant and festiveliving room interior with white wallpaper will always look elegant and festive

Thus, the room can be made lighter, and quite cozy due to the color of accessories or even furniture.

Also, the white wallpaper is well combined with other colors wallpaper.

Also, do not forget about the fact that the white color will visually enlarge the room, especially if in the interior of the living room will be used mirrors or mirror and glass surfaces.

The unique design of the living room with wallpaper in two colors and nuances photo

Often in interior design living room you can find a combination of two different colors of wallpaper or different shades of one color.

At the same time, it is necessary to be careful, not all colors can be combined with each other, so the choice of wallpaper must be approached with great responsibility.

Consider the most popular color combinations for the living room.

Any variant of gray wallpaper is able to make a living room elegant and beautifulAny variant of gray wallpaper is able to make a living room elegant and beautiful

Some of them are built on the harmonious interaction and which, on the contrary, in complete contrast:

  1. Yellow It looks good in combination with shades of blue, green and black, as well as a good mix of yellow and brown, this is one of nature-inspired combinations.
  2. turquoise wallpaper not so often to be found in the living room design, but do not forget about the color. Harmoniously looks in a pair of black, gold and the color of ripe wheat, as well as beige and red. The combination of red and turquoise colors for creative individuals and are not afraid to experiment and bright things.
  3. Purple wallpapers on the walls can be combined with black, yellow, blue and pink. Violet is called the color of magic, so the living room, decorated with purple wallpaper will look quite magical and even fantastic. Black and purple wallpaper can often be found in hotel rooms.
  4. blue wallpaper. Light airy colors will help you relax and feel the lightness throughout the body after a hard day. Blue color reminiscent of the sky, because the most natural and harmonious is its combination with white. Living room with blue and white wallpaper will light, moreover, blue, just like any other light shades, visually will increase the room.
  5. gray wallpaper. Wallpaper shades of gray can be as light and dark. In general, the combination of gray and other colors is based on the emphasis in the form of a contrasting color, such as yellow. Yellow paste wallpaper will look elegant, to emphasize the general style of living. The same will be harmonious interaction gray and violet wallpapers. Such combinations are popular in hotel rooms.

Fairly widespread popularity is now typed and purple wallpaper. Lilac - is one of the shades of purple, and he may well also be in harmony with colors such as beige, light pink, pearl, coral.

Unconventional beige wallpaper in the interior of the living room: photos and layout

Beige color, thanks to the wide range of colors, can be found in the design of the interiors of many apartments and houses.

This color will create a warm comfort in the living room and visually expand the space of the room.

Such wall may be in the form of monophonic web and used in combination. Beige wallpaper can be combined with many different colors.

This can be:

  • Alternation of beige and other colored wallpaper.
  • The presence of a floral pattern on the beige canvas.
  • Band. They can be both horizontal and vertical, and diagonal or broken lines, wavy and combinations of several types of bands of different widths.
  • The presence on the canvas wallpaper geometric patterns of different colors.

Wallpaper in the vertical strip that runs at right angles to the floor, visually increase the ceiling heightWallpaper in the vertical strip that runs at right angles to the floor, visually increase the ceiling height

Striped wallpaper, a pretty popular solution for the living room. 

Permissible combinations of beige wallpaper and stripes of other colors:

  • Blue;
  • Yellow:
  • Gold;
  • Brown.

This combination is most often found in living rooms, designed in a country style. Beige, combined with brown, it looks very natural and naturally, especially if in the living room will be pieces of furniture or real wood accessories, such as a desk and shelves, chairs and decorative elements of upholstered furniture: insert or armrests.

Apply dark wallpaper in the interior of the living room: the photo and design features

As a rule, dark wallpaper used in the interior of a "dilution" of a lighter shade of the same color as the main fabric wallpaper, or harmonious relation with the other color wallpaper.

To create easy minimalist living atmosphere selected dark tones wallpaperTo create easy minimalist living atmosphere selected dark tones wallpaper

Typically, the design of the living room you can find such dark wallpaper as:

  • brown;
  • green;
  • blue;
  • Purple.

Wallpaper dark colors occur as plain and striped or patterned. The pattern may be of a different color, and may be the same color range as that of the base web wallpaper, but, for example, a brighter or darker shade.

Stylish wallpaper with stripes in the interior of the living room (video)

Choose the right concrete mix your living room is not really as difficult as it seems, but to begin with, you should choose what style will be a living, and what atmosphere you want to create it: business, soothing, toning, etc.

Design striped wallpaper in the living room (interior photo)

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