Tensile structures - a practical solution for interior decoration, as they significantly reduce the cost of cosmetic or planned repair of the ceiling surfaceTensile structures - a practical solution for interior decoration, as they significantly reduce the cost of cosmetic or scheduled maintenance poverhnostiKogda roof repair is at the stage of choosing what is best suspended ceiling matte or glossy, it is necessary to consider both options. Be sure to have an idea about the features of high-gloss and matte finish, the system of care and the principles of lighting. In addition, you must consider the size of rooms, which will be installed suspended ceilings.

Difficult choice of the tension ceiling: glossy or matt

Glossy ceilings higher than the price ceiling matte, because they are more functional than the matte, it is noticeable when choosing colors, lighting lamps and ceiling mounting. Not every room will look good with a glossy or matte-coated ceiling, what affects the area of ​​the room, the height of the walls and ceiling, especially covering the walls and ceiling, the presence of natural light in the room, and other factors.

To make the right choice and useful, you need to consider options for more detail.

Features ceiling

  • Characteristics of materials;
  • Opportunities ceiling light;
  • Advantages and disadvantages of matte and glossy ceiling.

Varnish coating has reflecting properties and mirror effects. Reflecting the light, the coating increases the visual space of the room, the height of the walls and ceiling widens the room. Due to this, even in the dark, basements and in areas with a lack of natural light, high-gloss finish adds 50% of the light. Glossy fabrics have a wide range of colors and a variety of shades.

Glossy coating that is used to design ceiling, visually expands the space of the dwellingGlossy coating that is used to design ceiling, visually expands the space of the dwelling

 Caring for a glossy ceiling is rather complicated, the surface should be washed regularly, it is clearly visible in the dust and stains after washing, which are difficult to remove on their own. Matte coating is inferior in stretch ceiling color glossy coating. Matt coatings are not as bright and natural, rather than glossy. But the matte surface perfectly conceals all the irregularities of the ceiling gives the room coziness, even irregularities of the walls is especially noticeable when a matte coating.

Matt ceiling is very easy to clean, it is sufficient to handle the singing means necessary.

The first ceiling cleaning after its installation can be carried in 4-6 months, according to guarantee quality appearance. Then, cleaning is carried out as surface contamination, which determines the function of the room. The ceiling in the kitchen and common room you need to clean more often than in the nursery or bedroom.

Matt ceilings: features of this type (video)

Glossy or matte ceilings: how best to choose

Stretch ceiling has recently become the most convenient, practical and stylish way to finish ceilings in the rooms. Stretch ceilings are suitable for any premises, whether it be a house, an apartment, a club or a restaurant. Any room becomes a very nice view, if a suspended ceiling. And the glossy and matte ceiling, is very durable and has a guarantee of service for more than 15 years, because the quality of suspended ceilings are very high. This allows for a long time to provide a good view of the room and save costs for the annual painting, gluing or whitewash the ceiling.

Choosing the type of ceiling cover for the premises, you must consider several factors:

  • ceiling height;
  • The presence of natural light in the room;
  • The value of the room.

Glossy ceiling looks good in small and large rooms. Space visually increases due to the mirror effect of gloss. White and light color of the ceiling increases the height of the ceiling of the room, dark and glossy black of the tension ceiling on the contrary, visually reduces the height of the ceiling.

Care matte stretch ceiling is performed according to the standard scheme that does not require significant physical and material costsCare matte stretch ceiling is performed according to the standard scheme that does not require significant physical and material costs

 Perfect gloss ceiling in small rooms, expanding its area. Glossy ceilings can be installed in a well-heated rooms, because the gloss does not react at low temperatures. In addition, high-gloss canvas can not withstand heat from the lamps, so make enough ceiling light on glossy ceilings impossible. Llamas on the ceiling should be a weak glow.

Optimal lighting option on the tension glossy ceiling, it spotlights or starry sky. Ceiling light of the tension can be frosted ceiling lamp-chandelier, spot, with powerful lamps.

Matt suspended ceiling is suitable for processing both large and small areas of the premises. Any room, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, look good with tension matte ceiling. Durability brushed cloth allows to make any ceiling light, the surface is not afraid of low temperatures and heating, however the ceiling can be installed in poorly heated premises, and lighting can be powerful lamps.

Glossy or matte ceilings: consumer reviews

Both glossy and matte ceilings have positive feedback about the service life. If the ceiling and lighting are installed correctly, the room maintained the required temperature and the surface of the ceiling is carried out proper maintenance, lifetime warranty ceiling increases.

Glossy ceiling Glossy ceiling "starry sky" - a successful embodiment of design ideas, is striking a high degree of realism

More positive feedback from customers about the care of suspended ceilings are matte ceilings:

  • Matte ceiling surface better than the gloss of care and taxing on the temperature and detergents for processing;
  • It does not require any special care, what can not be said for the glossy surface of the ceiling;
  • Gloss hard wash of divorces that leave even a drop of water.

A large area of ​​the ceiling more than to show water marks, traces of rags, detergent residues. To care for the glossy ceilings better to attract specialist cleaning companies, especially if the ceiling area is large.

Positive comments about the ceiling price in more than a matte ceiling, it is cheaper and inferior glossy ceiling in price but not in quality.

Recommendations on how to choose the correct color of stretch ceiling

Suspended ceiling bright colors always create contrast in the room, so choose the right color easily. This can not be said about the nuances of the tension of the web.

The rich color palette of glossy ceiling gives a unique look throughout the interiorThe rich color palette of glossy ceiling gives a unique look throughout the interior

Choose the color of stretch ceiling in the color of the wallpaper difficult:

  • The height of the ceiling makes the darker tone on the floor;
  • Too bright wallpaper merge with light ceiling or give a strong contrast in combination with a dark ceiling;
  • Stretched canvas with a pattern on the ceiling looks much darker.

The color of the ceiling after the installation did not come out too saturated, you must choose the web on the lighter shade of color conceived. A fabric shades to match the color of wallpaper or paint on the walls, the color of the wallpaper and paint should be chosen on the darker tone plans.

Glossy ceiling in the interior (video)

Stretch ceiling is an expensive form of design-ceiling paintings in the selection of color need to be taken into account especially the color and shade of the room, the height of the walls and ceiling, it is best if in this case will help the professionals who know what colors as disclosed on the ceiling surface.

What is a stretch ceiling is better matte or glossy (photo)

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