In modern apartments built in wardrobes in the hallway every day is gaining popularityIn modern apartments built in wardrobes in the hallway every day gaining more populyarnostiVstraivaemye closets in the hall virtually no drawbacks, but the pros have mass. Due to these advantages, coupe closets and have become so popular. They are recommended to replace the old cabinets in many premises designers worldwide. This fact is not surprising, because Compartment cabinets - cabinets is a new generation.

Choosing built-in wardrobe in the corridor: the pros and cons

The popularity of such furniture as a wardrobe due to weight advantages that it has. Conventional cabinets less set in modern apartments as Compartment cabinets safely displace them.

Pros wardrobes:

  • Space saving due to the special design of the door.
  • Good capacity due to the special design of the cabinet.
  • Versatility in relation to the interior of the room.
  • Versatility.
  • The possibility of zoning premises.
  • Can be installed in small rooms.
  • With a small room mirror surfaces will visually appear wider and higher.
  • choice of design to the taste of the customer.
  • Reliability of the design.
  • The huge price range to suit every budget.
  • A good savings on the materials to create the cabinet with his own hands.
  • Possibility to build a wardrobe virtually anywhere in the apartment.

Built-in closets have a number of advantages, such as versatility, reliability and versatilityBuilt-in closets have a number of advantages, such as versatility, reliability and versatility

As can be seen, indeed, such a cabinet is just an incredible advantage over the standard version, but in each, even the best thing, there are also disadvantages.

Cons wardrobes:

  1. The complexity of design installation.
  2. Inability to move or remove one cabinet department.
  3. The complexity of the assembly without experience.

Compared with the number of advantages of such cabinets, minus hardly noticed, so we can confidently install recessed design in his hallway.

How to choose a built-in wardrobes in the small entrance hall

As you know, most likely, built-in wardrobes are set precisely in small hallways. This move is due to the fact that by means of such structures is a huge saving valuable space, which is so and not so much in the little rooms.

Best of all closets are right for narrow corridors, since they are completely invisible and are set almost flush with the wall.

Built for corridors should be selected based on the design direction of the room, so as not to disrupt the uniform style. It is much easier to choose the style of the furniture of the room, than to build a whole style of the same furniture.

For a small hallway best suited wardrobesFor a small hallway best suited wardrobes

For small hallways recommended to choose cabinets with mirrored surfaces. Such a move will help make a small room visually more spacious due to the reflection of objects in the mirror.

Logically it is clear that in a small room will not be able to place a large amount of clothes and other miscellaneous items, but Compartment cabinets allow to accommodate inside the largest possible number of things. Design thought out so that the interior of the cabinet is used very effectively - with virtually every centimeter can benefit.

Select embedded design sliding door wardrobes in the hallway in the direction of the style

Most often, design wardrobes made to order customers. Not to be mistaken with the choice of design and not to spoil the general direction of the room, it is advised to consult with a professional designer who can most accurately determine what style you need to choose and buy a wardrobe.

Of course, you can do it yourself, but you run the risk to make a mistake and spend the extra money for the renewal of the room or the cabinet.

Most often bought cabinets of colors:

  1. Black and white;
  2. Brown with yellow;
  3. Red and black;
  4. Gray and brown;
  5. White with yellow.

Choosing a wardrobe in the hallway, consider the overall style of the roomChoosing a wardrobe in the hallway, consider the overall style of the room

The presence of white color in furniture design never spoil its appearance, since white is considered to be universal, though like it is not everything.

Rarely spoil the style of the cabinet can be mirrored, so often, they bought it with such coatings. In all, there are specialty stores ready-made cabinets. They are usually cheaper than those made specifically to order.

If you are not much concerned about the fact that you can spoil the unity of style, in this case, with a choice of compartment cabinet will not have any problems because the stores are just a huge range to suit all tastes.

Filling built-in wardrobe hall: the most advantageous embodiments and combinations

Who invented a lot of different options for filling the compartment of the cabinet. Each customer can order such an arrangement of shelves and other elements inside the cabinet, which he will be most convenient for storage.

In order to choose the right filling cabinet, should first determine the purpose for which it is acquired and that it will be stored. It is clear that for different content will be different rooms.

Almost all Compartment cabinets are made with three parts:

  1. Top part - designed for such things, which are extremely rare.
  2. The middle part (core) - designed to accommodate hangers and shelves.
  3. Bottom part - often used exclusively for storage in her shoes.

Little depth - the main feature of the furniture in the hallway.

Filling the cupboard in the hallway, you can think independently, but almost all Compartment options consist of three partsFilling the cupboard in the hallway, you can think independently, but almost all Compartment options consist of three parts

The optimum depth of the cabinet for the hall is considered to be the depth of 40 centimeters, at a time when the standard depth of the cabinet compartment is considered to be 60 centimeters.

For shoe storage is recommended to use special shelves with wires, which are set at the desired angle. On these shelves, in addition to shoes, it will be possible to store other items.

How to mount and install built-in wardrobes in the hallway with his hands

If you are a skilled carpenter, in this case, and you can make yourself a wardrobe. Thus, you can save money and definitely get exactly what they wanted.

Self assembly process takes place in several stages. So, what you need to do:

  • Determine the design goal.
  • Create an image of the cabinet and its design.
  • Print drawings and diagrams.
  • Shortchange desired amount of material.
  • Purchase material and fine Circuits with a small margin.
  • Drawings mount box.
  • Secure regiment inside the cabinet according to the selected combination.
  • Assemble the door and fasten them to the housing.

If you decide to make a wardrobe with his hands, it is first necessary to determine the structure and design a projectIf you decide to make a wardrobe with his hands, it is first necessary to determine the structure and design a project

Embarking on self-assembly of the cabinet compartment is necessary in the case, if you have experience in this matter, otherwise you risk losing time and money.

To assemble the wardrobe most commonly used materials such as:

  1. Wood;
  2. drywall;
  3. fiberboard;
  4. particleboard;
  5. Special sealed plastic.

Shelves should be mounted on a special seating area that can withstand quite a lot of weight. Also, quite often used for mounting shelves eccentric mounting.

It is worth to buy only high-quality materials, as otherwise, will soon have to repair the cabinet, and it is - the additional costs. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the materials which have been built into the wall, more absorbent than those that simply the charge to her. In view of this, the material and the wall, which will be mounted cabinet should be pre-treated with special fluids. They can be purchased at specialty stores building. They cost is not cheap, but then, after the processing of the material, it will not warp.

How to assemble a built-in closet in the hallway (video)

As you can see, Compartment cabinets - practical, versatile and very popular furniture. Old, boring wardrobes not compete with modern furniture, because they are much better than them. Buying such a case, you can be sure that he will decorate the interior of the room, and make things more convenient storage.

The design of the built-in wardrobe in the hall (the photo in the interior)

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